Go with the ‘slow’ with Welsh Lamb

Jan 29, 2021

It’s a known fact that we can’t control the weather – nor can we change other external factors that are beyond our control.  We can, however, work with and not against the challenges we meet on the way.

In these extraordinary times, it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves.  Life can be stressful enough without more anxiety and uncertainty added to the mix.

So maybe it’s time to slow down a little – time to eat wholesome food; to drink plenty of water: to rest but stay active.  While a gentle stroll in nature can help relieve stress, sunshine can help the body’s intake of Vitamin D, which helps the immune system to function normally.  Nature knows what it’s doing.

The essential vitamins and minerals the body needs for good health are found in a healthy and balanced diet.  This includes fruit and vegetables, starchy wholegrain foods, dairy, fish, lean meat such as nutrient dense Welsh Lamb – which is a natural source of Vitamin D (valuable source in particular when there is limited exposure to sunshine in Winter) Vitamin B6, B12 and Zinc, all of which helps our immune system to function properly and supports our body’s natural defences. Maybe it’s time we let nature give us a little life leg-up?

Besides, without nature, we wouldn’t have our unique and delicious Welsh Lamb!

Make a meal of it with mindfulness

Have you ever looked at an avocado and wondered how it was grown?  Have you watched intently as the tiny bubbles form at the bottom of a saucepan of water as it heats up?  Have you pondered over the taste and smell of coriander?  Were you practising mindfulness without realising it?

According to HelpGuide, an independent non-profit that runs one of the world’s top ten health websites, to practice mindfulness (known to reduce stress and increase happiness) you need to, ‘participate in an activity with total awareness. In the case of mindful eating, it’s important to eat with all your attention rather than on “automatic pilot” or while you’re reading, looking at your phone, watching TV, daydreaming, or planning what you’re doing later. When your attention strays, gently bring it back to your food and the experience of cooking, serving, and eating’.

Noticing every detail of the cooking process and eating slowly and intentionally, savouring every mouthful, increases the likelihood of you tasting more and appreciating the food.  Mindful eating not only aids digestion, but can also help your body’s fullness signals, so you’re less likely to overeat.  What’s more, mindful shopping can also help reduce waste from your home. Great!  So how do you get in the zone?

Firstly, remove distractions from your cooking area – turn off your mobile phone, TV etc.; take a few deep breaths; use all your senses to become fully present at every stage of the cooking and eating process – look, smell, listen, taste and touch. Enjoy the experience.

Now relax and take a leisurely browse through our delicious slow cooking recipes.

Traditional Welsh Lamb cawl

Slow cooked curried shoulder of Welsh Lamb

Welsh Lamb shank with Ras el Hanout, warm couscous salad






Herb crusted pulled Welsh Lamb shoulder

Crispy Welsh Lamb medallions Peking style

Hang Fire’s Moroccan Welsh Lamb mechoui with vegetable tagine

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