Simply splendid steak

There is no such thing as a ‘one steak fits all’.

Steak is incredibly versatile, a go-to in your culinary arsenal, and just like a little black dress, you can dress it up or down to befit the occasion. It’s a great way to get creative in the kitchen, but remember – when it’s good it’s good and when it’s bad it can be as tough as old boots!

Read on for some top tips and sizzling Welsh Beef steak ideas…

How do you like yours?

Rare, medium rare, well-done or somewhere in between? The way steak is cooked almost always creates a dining discord. While some balk at the idea of a rare steak that’s’ ‘almost walking off the plate’, others may raise an eyebrow at a well-done steak with ‘cremated’ overtones.


Which one are you?

‘Steak’ your pick from these succulent sizzlers

Steak is essentially a slice of beef, but there are many types available depending on which beef cut it comes from. Each steak has varying characteristics which need to be considered when cooking for the best results. Explore the most popular steak types below and our suggested recipes.


Cut from the lower back, where the muscle is barely used, this steak is very lean and has very little marbling. Despite its super soft tenderness (and price!) it’s not as flavoursome as other steak cuts.


A very lean steak, cut from the back end, but not as tender as other cuts. Benefits from marinating before cooking.

Flat iron or featherblade

Cut from the shoulder, this steak has good fat marbling throughout. It benefits cooking rare to medium rare and is an excellent steak for grilling on the BBQ. 


With generous marbling, this steak is cut from the ribs and is very flavoursome. A bone-in rib-eye is called a tomahawk steak.

More than just a flash in the pan

While steak and chips is a popular dish, did you know that you can serve steak in other exciting ways? Try our recipes below for a twist on the traditional steak.

And now for something deliciously different…

It’s not all about beef. Have you tried Welsh Lamb steaks? These succulent and juicy steaks, from the leg or the rump, are incredibly tasty and versatile. For a new take on steak, try these irresistible recipes.

Make no mis-steaks with our simple top tips

For best results, fry or grill steak. In some cases, steaks can also be finished in the oven.

Steak mates

The perfect accompaniments to any steak meal.

Peppercorn sauce


Mushroom sauce

Salsa Verde

Blue cheese sauce

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