Curry and spice and all things nice

Let us take you on a culinary stroll along the spice trail with some delicious Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef dishes. From mildly spiced to hot and fiery, these recipes offer something for every palate.

Mellifluously mild

Mild curries are often made creamier with yogurt or coconut milk. You’ll find popular Indian curries such as pasanda and korma in this category. It’s more about the flavoursome spices and herbs rather than the amount of chilli used in the dish.

Marvellously moderate

This curry category may be moderate in heat but that doesn’t mean it’s moderate in flavour! A little more chilli is used in these curries but often tempered by cooling cream or yogurt. Lemon juice is also used, for example, in a sweet and sour dhansak. Tikka masala also sits in this category.

Fierce and flavoursome

Can you defeat the heat? Some like it hot, and some like it even hotter! Whichever degree of heat you can tolerate, the common denominator is chilli. The amount of chilli in the dish determines the heat. Crowning this category are vindaloo and phaal. Madras and Jalfrezi also belong here…do you?

Spicy sensations and piquant platters

You can create stunning curries and spice inspired dishes with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. Here, The Curry Guy, aka Dan Toombs, who accurately recreates curry house curries, and Zainab Pirzada of Cooking with Zainab, who delights her followers with delectable dishes, show you how.

The Curry Guy’s Champaran Welsh Lamb handi curry

This flavoursome curry, made with Welsh Lamb, is traditionally made in a ‘handi’ (clay pot) and cooked over hot coals. If you don’t have a ‘handi’, it can be made on the hob in a lidded saucepan.

Cooking with Zainab's Welsh Lamb and spinach curry

Welsh Lamb and baby spinach are a great combination in this slow cooked curry. Great served with basmati rice and naans.

Get curry confident

Follow our cook along videos to help you make some awesome curries with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

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