Gareth Ward masterclass

Gareth Ward

Described by the Michelin guide as being “truly passionate about meat, handling it with knowledge and care”, Gareth is regularly cited as one of the most exciting chefs cooking in the UK today. His Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms is the most highly-awarded in the whole of Wales, boasting two Michelin stars, five AA rosettes and being named in the top 5 of the Good Food Guide (as well as being named their chef of the year for 2019). Gareth takes pride in the fact that for him there are “no rules, no guidelines” as he continues to build on the startling success in turning a remote – yet beautiful – location in mid Wales into a leading food destination in its own right, and all in a relatively short space of time.

Welsh Lamb to share…

Welsh Lamb is a great choice to feed a crowd – there are so many cuts to choose from. It’s also a very versatile meat that can be used in many cuisines, and that’s exactly why top chefs like Gareth use it.

There is something special about sharing good food with your favourite people, so it is only fitting that you pull out all the stops to treat them.

Gareth is renowned for creating incredible dishes for his diners at Ynyshir. Here, he’s shared with us two of his Welsh Lamb favourites. Perfect for 6-8 people to serve on that much anticipated special occasion.

Saddle of Welsh Lamb

This elegant dish blends the traditional flavours of lamb and mint but with a cheeky hint of pickled onion! However, this is not any old pickled onion; this is Gareth Ward-style pickled onion.

Full recipe: Gareth Ward’s Welsh Lamb and mint rack

Welsh Lamb shawarma

Wow your friends and family with the perfect sharing dish.  Succulent slices of Welsh Lamb served with delicious garnishes and flatbreads.

Full recipe: Gareth Ward’s Welsh Lamb shawarma

Why choose Welsh Lamb?

For Gareth, he is a strong advocate of Welsh Lamb because for him, it is part of the nation’s DNA to produce it.

It is the passion of the farmers, the land their livestock are reared on and the grass that they eat – all these combine to create a unique product. I get a particular enjoyment from cooking it because I see the passion and dedication of the farmers – week in, week out. Producing it is central to their life and all this comes through in the flavour. Being fully traceable to the farm where it was reared is also so important and pretty special. As well, being so versatile allows you to experiment with different flavours and cooking methods.

Gareth Ward

Gareth’s top tips for cooking with Welsh Lamb

You have bought a lovely cut of Welsh Lamb, but how to you give it the respect it deserves?  How do you get the best flavour out of it? Gareth gives us his exclusive Welsh Lamb lowdown:

Get to know your supplier

Always cook with the fat on

(even if you remove it later)

Keep the temp low and slow when cooking

Tenderise the meat before cooking

Always cook on the bone

(if possible)

Enjoy the experience of cooking

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