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Tasty as they may be, there is so much more to Welsh Beef than burgers, steaks and Sunday roasts – it’s so versatile! Discover new flavours from the four corners of the globe on your very own culinary odyssey with our wonderful selection of world cuisine. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Taste the world from your home


A vast continent, Asia offers an extensive range of cuisines. A journey through cultures and food from East Asian recipes such as a sizzling beef stir-fry, corking Chinese crispy beef and a cracking beef katsu curry through to the Indian subcontinent where we help you explore beef curry classics from a beautiful beef madras recipe to a ravishing beef rendang.


With centuries of culinary influences from all over the world, modern French cuisine dishes are synonymous with fine dining and world class chefs. The home of nouvelle cuisine, a movement that focuses on lighter, fresher dishes, France also has many traditional regional cuisines. Try classics such as steak au poivre or our beef bourguignon recipe – which is equally good in a leftover pie! – or new ideas like our beef goujons.


Well-known across the globe, Italian cuisine focuses on quality ingredients done well, so what better match than our Welsh Beef? Offering classic, well-known dishes such as beef lasagne, beef calzone and pizzas, this is hearty food at its best.

Latin American

From beef tortillas to beef tacos, chimichurri to beef chilli, Latin American cuisine suits every palate. Add a little flair to your weekly menu with an enchilada pie or mix it this Sunday with a Yorkshire pudding burrito – stunning or sacrilege, you decide!

North American

Explore the flavours of North America with our delicious barbecue beef and grill recipes. Slow cooked beef packed with delicious flavour, so whether it’s a Sunday lunch in style or big match day treat, say yeehaw to these dishes!

Rest of the world

It’s a big world out there! Despite not belonging to some of the cuisines above, we can’t possibly ignore these delights. Our beef koftas dish is a nod to North African and Middle Eastern cuisine, with the hidden veggies perfect for keeping the fussiest of eaters happy, whilst our easy beef stroganoff is a perfect warming dish with Russian roots.

Ten tips for your global culinary odyssey

Welsh Beef is so versatile, but understanding about the composition of meat will help you choose the best method of cooking for a particular cut. Meat that has been matured for longer tends to be darker and firm and is packed with flavour. The colour of meat or fat can vary, but this doesn’t affect the eating quality. Welsh Beef is widely available in butchers shops, farm shops and supermarkets. To prepare, cook and enjoy Welsh Beef at its best, follow our tips:

Hang Fire Southern Kitchen

Samantha Evans and Shauna Guinn started Hang Fire Southern Kitchen as a Southern Style BBQ street food stall in Cardiff. Now located in Barry, the restaurant relies solely on fresh, ethical produce and offers Louisiana soul food classics using a custom built Argentinian parrilla grill. They are no strangers to quality produce (check out their Welsh Lamb Tagine recipe) and now it’s our delicious Welsh Beef’s turn on the grill!

Watch Samantha and Shauna cook a picañha steak and some great sauces and condiments like chimichurri, chermoula and red harissa to go with it. Picañha comes from the really tender part of the rump and is the preferred meat for Brazilian ‘churrasco’ – grilled beef. The cut is becoming increasingly popular in butchers shops and supermarkets, so it can be enjoyed at home with Hang Fire’s very own Asian-style chimichurri!

Ingredients that help make your dishes out of this world

Welsh Beef can hold its own in a variety of dishes and cuisines.  Why not get creative with herbs and spices, condiments and sauces, vegetables and legumes! Here are some tried and tested Welsh Beef culinary companions. There are many more, so it’s time to get creative!

Video recipes

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