Slow cooked lamb and beef dishes

Home cook or hot mess? Maybe cooking low and slow is the way to go…

Getting nutritious meals on the table for dinnertime can often be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way with slow cooked Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

A little bit of prep earlier in the day to start things off in the oven (or slow cooker) is all you need to do, and by dinnertime, you’ll have a wholesome meal on the table. Food cooked gently at a lower temperature for longer not only saves you a bit of time, but it tastes delicious and is a great way to lock in all that natural goodness.

No fuss. No last-minute dinner decisions to make. Just serve and enjoy.

Savour the slow cooked flavour

Succulent and superb Welsh Lamb

Slow cooked Welsh Lamb is a favourite of chefs. It enhances the flavour as well as the texture of the meat. From ‘fall off the bone’ smoked lamb shoulder to moreish medallions and lamb casserole, these Welsh Lamb slow cooker recipes will show you how to achieve that unique, slow cooked result.

Melt-in-the-mouth Welsh Beef

There’s nothing more comforting than the aroma of slow cooked beef gently roasting on a lazy weekend. Slow cooked beef is equally delicious as part of rich stews and casseroles. Take a look at our wholesome slow cooked sensations and you’ll know how to slow cook beef in no time.

For melt-in-the-mouth perfection, here are a few ways to cook Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef slowly:

Traditional and tasty

You can achieve some lovely results by slow cooking meat in a conventional oven. Deep oven trays and ovenproof casserole dishes with lids are ideal for slow cooking that perfect slow cooked beef or delicious slow cooker lamb.

closeup photo of bonfire

Smouldering and succulent

A smoker is a charcoal / wood fuelled appliance that cooks food low and slow by smoking it. You can achieve similar results on a BBQ, but the cooking temperature needs to be regulated manually. For best results, refer to your smoker / BBQ user manual and before you know it you’ll have perfected that smoked brisket or smoked lamb shoulder.

cooked food on black cooking pan

Plug in. Chuck in. Tuck in.

A slow cooker is an electrical countertop appliance. It’s a convenient and economical way to cook, using less energy than a conventional oven. Add prepared meat, veg and liquid to the pot, switch it on, and let it do its thing! Great for your lamb or beef casseroles and tender curries.

Top tips

Conventional oven

Smoker / BBQ

Slow cooker

Benefits of slow cooking

Whether cooking in a conventional oven, smoker or slow cooker, here are some of the benefits of keeping things low and slow.

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