How do you live yours?

It is widely accepted that a balanced diet and plenty of exercise are the stepping stones towards a healthy lifestyle. A healthy balanced diet should consist of a variety of different foods.

Red meat is nutrient dense

Eaten in the right quantities, ensuring you and your family members have red meat in your diet has many health benefits, including iron which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, B vitamins which produce energy and zinc, which helps the immune system to work normally. Red meat also contains phosphorus, which is needed for normal growth and development of children’s bones and is also protein rich, which is ideal in a quick beef stirfry after a session at the gym to help you recover, build and maintain muscle mass and feel energised.

So if you take the time and effort to live a healthy and active life, taking regular exercise and looking after yourself, wouldn’t it be good to know that your food is pulling its weight too?

In the case of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, you can do just that. With the coveted Protected Geographical Identification (PGI) status, you can be assured that Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef is a natural food, traceable to a farm in Wales. Farmers are dedicated to producing the best Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef you can buy – they care about what they produce, just as you care about what you eat.

And when the first whiffs of wood smoke fill the summertime air… relax. Lean Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef come into their own on the barbecue, which is a great way to enjoy lean red meat. A lean juicy steak is perfect served with a crisp green salad Or, if you like a bit of ‘couscous’ on your plate at barbecues, why not try something a little different like our elegant Spiced sumac Welsh Lamb kebabs. Check out more healthy recipe ideas here.

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