Jun 3, 2024

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy some alfresco dining. And what better way to celebrate the sunshine than with a smoky BBQ, full of sizzling Welsh Lamb?

Farmed using natural processes that have been sustained over generations in the beautiful Welsh countryside, Welsh Lamb offers a unique flavour of the utmost quality, making it the perfect addition to any summer plate, come rain or shine.

Looking for a taste of the Mediterranean to enjoy at home? Then why not cook up some Welsh Lamb koftas with a zesty Greek salad – guaranteed to set your tastebuds alight. And whilst you’re at it, stock up on Welsh Lamb mince to create a Welsh Lamb and feta burger, perfect for those craving a more traditional BBQ option. For show-stopping centrepiece inspiration, why not try a grilled Welsh Lamb leg with coconut, chilli and coriander, certain to be a scorching hit with friends and family this summer.

So, light up the BBQ, grab your apron and tongs and get grilling with these sun-sational recipes.

Harissa Welsh Lamb koftas

Harissa Welsh Lamb koftas recipe

Can’t wait for your summer parties in the garden? These harissa Welsh Lamb koftas are the perfect platter for all your summer festivities and are guaranteed to be the life of the party!


Leg of Welsh Lamb with coconut, chilli and coriander

Welsh Lamb leg with coconut, chilli and coriander sauce

This sizzling leg of Welsh Lamb with coconut, chilli and coriander is the perfect weekend dinner after a long day lounging in the sun!


Welsh Lamb and feta burgers

Welsh Lamb and feta burgers

Level up your BBQ this summer with Welsh Lamb and feta burgers. Finish it off with a few summery cocktails in the garden for a scorching summer’s evening!


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