Enjoy the lighter side of
Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef

There is nothing like tucking into a roast dinner of Welsh Lamb or Welsh Beef with all the trimmings. 

Moreover, you cannot beat a hearty dish of Welsh Beef bourguignon with steamy mashed potato or a saucy morroccan spiced Welsh Lamb shepherd’s pie.

However, did you know that you could also enjoy the lighter side of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef without compromising on flavour? This page is dedicated to lighter meals and shows you how versatile Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef is.

Eat lighter to feel brighter

There are many benefits of eating lighter meals and in particular in the evening when our bodies prepare to unwind. These benefits include better sleep, digestion, metabolism, focus, and blood pressure control. Lean red meat, eaten in moderation and as part of a healthy balanced diet, is a great option for lighter eating, ensuring we get a hit of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

Hints and tips to keep things light

Small is beautiful…

…as the saying goes and this is true when it comes to how much food you put on your plate. Portion control will not only help you monitor your intake, but it also means you can keep the rest to enjoy another day!

The bit on the side

Green veg and salads are the perfect accompaniment, especially during the warmer summer months. You can still enjoy a Welsh Lamb lasagne or a Welsh Lamb ragu pasta pie – just dodge the stodge and swap chips or garlic bread for something lighter like a salad or green veg.

Recipe collection

We have put together some of our favourite recipes to help you eat lighter, but still packed with that unmistakeable flavour of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. From luscious Welsh Lamb light bites to bright and breezy Welsh Beef wonders – there is plenty to choose.

Finger-licking tasty titbits

Neat eats

Stir-frys and curries

Something special

Hints and tips for cooking with Welsh Lamb

For more hints and tips on how to cook healthily with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, visit our Health pages.

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