Learning all about cooking in Elwen’s kitchen classroom

Apr 9, 2020

During this unprecedented lockdown period, we all have more time to ourselves and this includes our little ones who are all currently off school. Clamouring to keep their education going and also, more importantly, looking to keep them entertained whilst remaining housebound is a full time job in itself so what are the options?

Letting them lose in the kitchen might fill some of you with trepidation but trust us, the advantages can outweigh the mess! Experimenting in the kitchen can result in a whole range of benefits for our youngsters from improving reading and mathematics skills through to widening their vocabulary with all the cooking-related terms. It can also make children feel more comfortable with different foods and ingredients which evidence suggests leads to them being less fussy eaters – a win for everyone!

Starting with a simple cooking lesson can lead to a whole wider educational topic of where our food actually comes from, which ties in with our range of activities. From word searches and spot the difference to educational stories, there’s hours of fun and learning to be had with our activities too.

With support and guidance, your little ones will be cooking you a show stopping Welsh Lamb roast with all the trimmings in no time! So, where can you start with their first cooking lesson? Follow Elwen’s mixed kebab recipe below.

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