Welsh Lamb Cutlets en Croute


  1. Preheat oven to Gas 4-5, 180°C, 350°F. Roll out pastry and divide into four squares (17cm x 17cm), then cut in half to make two triangles of large enough size to wrap cutlets.
  2. Take lamb cutlet, place into pastry triangle. Place half teaspoon of mint jelly onto each cutlet followed by a large sprig of rosemary. Wet edges with water and fold pastry around cutlet to encase (leaving bone sticking out).
  3. Brush with egg and milk glaze. Place on a non-stick baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes until pastry is golden brown. Mix together mint jelly and cranberry to make a dip.
  4. Serve lamb cutlet en croûte as a canapé, snack or main course

Recipe Information

Serves 4
Calories 1161 kcals
Cooking Time


  • 8 lean Welsh lamb cutlets
  • 2.5ml (½tsp) mint jelly per cutlet
  • Fresh sprigs rosemary
  • 500g puff pastry
  • Egg and milk glaze (mix together 1 egg with a splash of milk)
  • 15ml (1tbsp) mint jelly
  • 30ml (2tbsp) cranberry sauce

Nutrition Information

  • Calories 1161 kcal
  • Energy 4831kj
  • Fat 86.9g
  • Saturates 41.7 g
  • Salt 1.72g
  • Iron 5.21mg
  • 5-a-day