Bryn Williams' Welsh Beef sirloin steak with asparagus, mushrooms, onions and wild garlic

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Friday 22nd May 2020


1 large Welsh Beef sirloin steak, fat on

salt and pepper

a dash of olive oil

a few cloves of garlic, crushed in their skin

a handful of fresh thyme

a few knobs of butter

1 red onion, sliced

150g mushrooms, sliced

a bunch of asparagus (baby leeks or green beans also work well)

a small handful of wild garlic, roughly torn

a teaspoon of horseradish sauce or mustard to serve (optional)


1. Heat a frying pan with some oil. Ensure the meat is at room temperature before seasoning with some salt and pepper and adding to the pan – you should hear a good sizzle.

2. Add the garlic cloves, thyme and a few knobs of butter on top of the steak and fry, turning regularly to get an even finish on both sides as well as the fat strip, and basting the melted butter back onto the steak as you go. Tip: adding the butter after the oil means the butter won’t burn and will be better absorbed into the meat.

3. When cooked to your liking, take the steak out of the pan and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes in a warm place. Now cook the garnishes. Tip: use the same frying pan without draining or cleaning to fully utilise the leftover flavours and scrunchy bits.

4. Fry the onion until softened, scraping up the caramelised bits from the bottom of the pan and mixing them in for maximum flavour. When the onions are nearly done, add the mushrooms. Tip: don’t shake the pan or stir after adding the mushrooms, because you want the water to leave the mushrooms and evaporate as it hits the hot pan.

5. Now add the asparagus and a few knobs of butter to a separate saucepan, with just enough water to cover the bottom. Season with salt and cook for a maximum of 6 minutes. Tip: never boil asparagus, it is much tastier if cooked gently in its own juices like this.

6. By now some tasty juices have collected on the plate from the resting steak – tip these back into the frying pan with the onions and mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are cooked, add the wild garlic and remove from the heat so it only just wilts, keeping its colour and its flavour. Tip: the residual heat of the onions and mushrooms will keep cooking the leaves for the next 30 seconds or so.

7. Finally, plate up all the ingredients on a warm plate and serve. If using horseradish or mustard, smear it over one side of the steak and serve this sauce side down for even flavour. Tip: for a restaurant-looking finish, pile the mushrooms and onion on top of the steak and serve the asparagus to the side, with a little final salt added.

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