Pairing wines with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef

Jun 8, 2021

‘Raise a glass’ to Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef

Welsh Wine Week, an annual favourite on the culinary calendar, takes place this year 4 – 13 June.

With various activities and articles, Welsh Wine Week gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about the wines and winemakers of Wales in this rapidly growing industry. From newcomers establishing their first vines to those whose vineyards have firmly taken root, Wales is becoming renowned for its boutique-style wines.
Like our unique PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef, wine that has been produced and prepared in one specific area can also be protected under The European Union Protected Food Name Scheme. You will find wines under this scheme labelled as Welsh Quality Wine or Welsh Regional Wine.

With over 20 grape varieties grown in Wales including Rondo, Solaris and Seyval Blanc, winemakers are producing red, white and rose wines using grape varieties that can grow in cooler climates. Our Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef also thrive in this climate – maybe that’s why the wines pair so well with them – it’s all in the terroir!
So to help celebrate Welsh Wine Week, here are some tips on how to pair wine with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. We’ve focused on red wine here, as it is considered the preferred wine to drink with red meat. We’ve also hand-picked a bunch of lovely recipes for you to try. Cheers!

Pairing wines with Welsh Lamb

Lamb can take on many flavours such as spices, herbs and fruit. Delicate, fruity wines like a Pinot Noir go well with a roast leg of lamb and is equally as delicious with lamb noisettes or rack.  For roast lamb, fuller-bodied red wines are good, particularly when served with a rich gravy.  Lamb curry (that’s not too hot) can be served with a fruity red wine, while a Lamb tagine can take on a robust red.

The great thing about the summer season is that we can make the most of lamb cooked on the barbecue. If your marinades or accompaniments are spicy, it’s best to go for a fruitier red wine, while a more acidic red wine, like a Chianti, would go well with more herby/lemony based dish.

Welsh Lamb tikka masala

Welsh Lamb Marrakech tagine with apricots


What wines go with Welsh Beef?

It is generally considered that the fattier the cut of beef, the bolder and richer the wine accompaniment. This is due to the fat content. While a lean fillet steak on its own goes very nicely with a lighter tasting Pinot Noir, if a fat-based sauce is added to it, it can then take a bolder wine.

Roast beef goes well with Cabernet Sauvignon, and beef served in rich wine sauces are good with robust wines like Malbec or Bordeaux. Slow-cooked brisket and stews go well with bold, slightly fruity reds.

Herb crusted roast Welsh Beef

Slow cooked Welsh Beef brisket in a rich and sticky sauce







For more fantastic ideas on what to pair your Welsh Beef with head to our Welsh Beef perfect pairings blog.

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