What makes the perfect cheeseburger?

Aug 26, 2022

Do you know that there are a few crucial things to consider when grasping this fast food favourite? To fill a limp bread roll with a meat patty, cheese slice and a squirt of ketchup will not ‘cut the mustard’ here.

Therefore, get the basics right and you are on your way to replicating the dizzying greatness of the burgers at Ansh restaurant in Cardiff.

We caught up with ‘burger nerd’ Aled Hill of Ansh and got the scoop on how they make their coveted burgers.

“Once you get those building blocks right, once you know how to create that simple cheeseburger, you can then go on to play with it – with the sauce, the cheese, the accompaniments – whatever you like in it – and find the ultimate burger for you.”


Ansh’s top ten tips to make the champion of all cheeseburgers

What meat is best for burger patties?

We use a blend of minced Welsh Beef brisket and chuck. Make sure you source your meat and find the best beef possible – you cannot go wrong with Welsh Beef!


How much mince should I use to make a burger pattie?

For one large patty, use 180 – 200g. We use two smaller patties for our cheeseburger, using 105g of mince for each patty.

What are the best burger buns?

We use potato buns, but you can use a standard white roll, brioche or challah bun.

How do I prevent a soggy bottom on my burger bun?

A toasted bun will create a good platform for the sauce, patty and cheese to sit on. Place each half of the bun, cut side down, on either a hot flat griddle or dry pan, or cut side up under the grill. Toast until golden.

How do I prepare the meat for cooking burgers?

Firmly shape your mince into balls, and refrigerate them until your pan is hot and you are ready to cook.

Do I need to add oil to the pan before frying burgers?

No oil is necessary. We use a dry flat griddle because it allows the searing heat to penetrate the meat, forming a nice crust and trapping all the tasty juices.

When do I season the burger patty?

Season your patty with sea salt before you flip it. Sea salt has a milder flavour than table salt.

When should I flip the burger patty?

The patty is ready to flip when caramelisation has started on the edge of the meat, forming a crust, and the fat has started to bubble on the surface.

How do I finish my cheeseburger?

Move your burger over a cooler heat and steam it with a splash of water under a cloche or bowl. The steam will finish cooking the meat, while melting the cheese.

What sauce should I use on my burger?

It is entirely up to you, but a good basic sauce would be mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

Ready to give the Ansh burger a go?

You’ve learned from the master, now put it to the test! You can find Aled’s full recipe to make the famous Ansh cheeseburger here.

Ansh’s ultimate Welsh Beef cheese burger


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