How lean red meat can help your teen this exam season

May 16, 2024

Exam season is upon us, and if you’re living with a teen who’s been preparing for their exams, you’ll understand the stress and anxiety that brings with it. You may be wondering how to help your teen through this stressful time, and whilst we can’t sit the exams for them (probably for the best!) there are a number of things we can do to help – one of which is ensuring that they’re eating a healthy, balanced diet and have a comforting meal waiting for them at home.

What we eat and drink has a huge impact on our bodies and our mind. Lean red meat can play a very important role in our diets – and particularly in your teen’s diet at this important time, when combined with plenty of fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates (especially slow-release carbs), some dairy and plenty of water.

So, what are the health and nutritional benefits of lean red meat as part of a balanced diet? Below, we delve into some of the facts, and how they’re important for your teen during exam season.

  1. Red meat is a complete protein source, which means that it provides us with all of the essential amino acids that our bodies need and it is easily absorbed by the body
  2. The protein in red meat helps satiety, keeping us feeling fuller for longer, thus reduces the urge to snack on sugary snacks
  3. Red meat is rich in iron, which is required to transport oxygen around the body. This helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue – essential during exam season!
  4. Red meat contains haem iron, which means that the body can absorb it easily. Also, an interesting fact is that the iron in the red meat can help release the iron from plant sources or vegetables!
  5. Vitamin B12 can only be found naturally in animal sources such as red meat. Vitamin B12 is important for several functions in our bodies, but in particular it helps to convert the food we consume into energy
  6. Lean red meat is one of the best sources of dietary zinc, with one of its functions being to help keep the immune system healthy – which is vital for your teen during this period. Zinc combined with iron and B vitamins also helps aid concentration, so your teen will thank you for this!


Now that we know exactly how important lean red meat can be as part of a healthy, balanced diet, how about trying some of these delicious recipes during exam season for your family?

Easy Spaghetti Bolognese recipe

spaghetti bolognese recipe using Welsh Beef How about a tasty spaghetti Bolognese, a firm family favourite in many households? Top tip: pack with extra hidden veggies such as grated carrot for even more health benefits!






Welsh Beef chow mein recipe

Welsh Beef chow mein recipe by rugby star, Ken OwensWales rugby international, Ken Owens’ Welsh Beef and vegetable chow mein is a delicious takeaway alternative. Pack full with your teen’s favourite veggies for additional nutrients.






Welsh Lamb tikka wraps recipe

Welsh Lamb tikka wrapsThese Welsh Lamb tikka wraps are a great mid-week meal to treat your teen to, and can be filled with hidden veggies to increase their fibre and nutrient intake.






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