Half term hacks and venturing out with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef

May 28, 2021

June is almost here, and in Wales, the first week of the month kicks off with half term. Yay!  OK, we’re still in May on the Monday, but it’s a Bank Holiday, so double ‘yay’!

So what are your plans for the bank holiday or half term?  Have you booked somewhere to stay? Self-catering? Camping? Glamping?  If you’re planning to stay at home, there’s still plenty of fun stuff to do…

Half term humdrum?

Here are a few little ideas to keep the kids occupied – on top of taking them to the recently opened cinemas, bowling alleys, indoor-play areas and museums etc. of course!

Get them in the kitchen. Following a recipe is a great way to get the kids involved and focused on something productive. Exploring new words and learning how to follow a recipe will not only increase their vocabulary but maths skills too. They’ll also learn how different ingredients alter through the process of cooking – great for a sensory experience. Check out some easy-to-follow recipes on our website as well as join Elwen in the Kitchen Classroom. Here are some of our favourite recipes to try:

If it’s sunny outside… Rustle up some scrummy Welsh Lamb treats and take the family out for a picnic. The experience of preparing and packing the picnic food will be as exciting for the kids as eating it outdoors in the fresh air.

Welsh farmers know how to look after the countryside so that we can all enjoy it’s beauty, discover more about farming the Welsh Way.

Rainy days? Banish the boredom and introduce younger kids to our fun-packed activities online.  They’ll learn all about farming in Wales and where our food comes from. From making masks to word searches – there’s plenty to discover and learn on our farm!

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