Fun on the farm

Mar 26, 2020

With the kids now off school in these extraordinary times, keeping them entertained and continuing their learning will be of upmost importance. Whatever their age, cooking can offer so much to all children from skills in mathematics and reading as well as teaching valuable life skills.

We have a wide range of recipe ideas to cook with your children to help increase their confidence in the kitchen and get them enjoying some tasty Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

And once they’re done please share their creations with us through our social media channels!

When they are not in the kitchen we also have a number of fun activities all centred on learning about farming within Wales and where our food comes from. Take a look at the links below where we’ve split our activities up to cater for 4-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds so children of all ages can enjoy learning about life on a farm. From word searches and spot the difference to educational stories there’s hours of fun and learning to be had with farmer Siôn, his sheepdog sidekick Meg and all their friends.

So what are you waiting for? Download and print off some fun activities for your kids to enjoy today!

4-7 year olds:

Activity 1: Count them up

Activity 2: Count them up 2

Activity 3: Colouring in

Activity 4: Colouring in 2

Activity 5: Spot the difference

Activity 6: Missing letters

Activity 7: Story – where does red meat come from?

Activity 8: Word search

Activity 9: Copy the picture

Activity 10: Maze

Activity 11: Maze 2

Activity 12: Draw Meg

Activity 13: Draw the missing food

Activity 14: Dot to dot

Activity 15: Make your own mask

Activity 16: Match them up

8-11 year olds:

Activity 1: Story – Where do sheep and cows live?

Activity 2: Wordsearch

Activity 3: Which two are identical?

Activity 4: Story – what makes red meat so special?

Activity 5: Mix and match – what does it all mean?

Activity 6: Sudoku and wordsearch

Activity 7: Spot the difference

Activity 8: Story – A snapshot a farmers year

Activity 9: Match them up

Activity 10: Know your bacon

Activity 11: Cut out and glue

Activity 12: Match the joke and maze

Activity 13: A balanced diet

Activity 14: Colouring in

Activity 15: Colouring in 2

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