Fuel your passion

Natural, versatile and packed with great flavour gained from centuries of traditional farming practices.
We demand the best – so you can give your best.

Beef. It’s got to be Welsh

PGI Welsh Beef’s unique taste is not only the result of the love and passion put in by countless generations of farmers, but its high content of protein and nutrients is also the ideal food for those wanting to live out their own passions through a healthy and active lifestyle.

Produced in pristine and beautiful landscapes, through a mixture of modern and traditional farming practices that have evolved since ancient times - the quality and taste of Welsh Beef simply cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

So whether you’re a competitive sportsperson needing to refuel your body for the next competition, or just want a versatile and tasty food to help you make fitness gains in a healthy and natural way - there really isn’t a need to look further than Welsh Beef to help ‘Fuel your passion’.


Meet our Welsh Beef ambassador

Having made her first senior appearance almost a decade ago in 2009, fly half Elinor Snowsill currently has 48 Welsh international caps to her name, played in 3 World Cups, 8 Six Nations championships and represented her country in sevens at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Elinor’s love of keeping fit and healthy goes beyond the rugby pitch and she’s previously delivered tailored nutritional workshops and food plans for athletes. With her extensive knowledge and experience in elite sports and nutrition, she’s looking forward to kicking – or should we say, cooking! - up a storm for our current campaign by showing how quality Welsh Beef not only ticks all the necessary macro-nutrient boxes, but is also very versatile, easy to cook and tastes great!

Beef as part of a healthy diet


Our bodies need the correct combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats to function well. In particular, studies have shown that protein is essential for growth and repair in the body and is a key building block for bones, muscles, cartilage and skin.

Good quality lean Welsh Beef is a proven source of dietary protein, and when eaten as part of a healthy and balanced diet can provide much of our nutritional needs. Furthermore, it contains a number of essential B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium.

Why not try one of the healthy recipes below created by Elinor to fit in with her dietary needs as an elite sportswoman and passion for quality, tasty food? And if those four aren’t enough, there are plenty of other options available in our recipe pages.