Alun’s story – farming in harmony with nature

Feb 14, 2020

Despite media coverage to the contrary, the fact remains that Wales is one of the world’s most sustainable places to produce ethically reared and premium quality red meat.

As part of our campaign highlighting the vital role our farmers play in maintaining the delicate environment and beautiful landscapes that have evolved over centuries, we visited Alun Elidyr on his farm near Llanwuchllyn to learn more about the work he does to ensure he farms in harmony with his natural surroundings.

This is a truly heart-warming story of the pride and passion that farmers like Alun take in their environment, and how he and his colleagues from across Wales are producing food in a sustainable way.

Making productive use of less-favoured land unsuitable for other forms of food production, and rearing our cattle and sheep on lush grass produced by plentiful rain, the Welsh system is unlike many other forms of livestock farming found elsewhere in the world.

Blending traditional and innovative farming methods, our system is underpinned by making the most of what we have in abundance – grass, rainwater and a whole lot of pride.

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