5 ways with roast beef

Apr 19, 2024

We all know how versatile Welsh Beef can be, and in the lead up to Great British Beef Week (23rd – 30thApril), we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase some of our favourite roast beef recipes, showing you how to make the most of your quality Welsh Beef. We’re here to inspire you with a selection of delightful Welsh Beef recipes – from recipes to share with friends and family, midweek meals using weekend leftovers, and an unusual twist to a traditional combination to mix things up a little during the week. Discover our ‘5 ways with Welsh Beef’ below.


Slow cooked beef brisket. Slow cooked Welsh Beef recipesSlow cooked Welsh Beef brisket

This is a simple yet incredibly satisfying Welsh Beef brisket recipe, and makes the perfect centrepiece for a get together with friends – simply serve with some crusty, warm baguettes, gherkins and fried onions and let everyone tuck in! Comfort food at its finest.


Pulled Welsh Beef mac and cheese



Pulled Welsh Beef Mac and Cheese

If you’ve got any leftover brisket (it’s worth saving some – trust us!), then what better way to use it all up than to whip up this incredibly delicious pulled Welsh Beef mac and cheese dish? A perfect mid-week meal that the whole family will enjoy with minimum preparation time, this will soon become a regular addition to your midweek meal repertoire.


Welsh Beef barbacoa recipe.  Beef sharing platter. Easy Welsh Beef recipe


Welsh Beef barbacoa sharing platter

Another divine slow cooker brisket recipe that’s perfect for a relaxed family mealtime or a great addition to dining with friends, this Welsh Beef barbacoa sharing platter ticks all the boxes. Fabulous flavour? Check! Ease of cooking? Check! Nutritious and filling? Check!


Piquant Welsh Beef and Yorkshire pud burrito



Piquant Welsh Beef and Yorkshire pudding burrito

This Welsh Beef recipe gets the thumbs up from us every time. It’s the perfect way to use up any leftover beef from your Sunday roast, and a delicious twist on a traditional roast dinner. If you’re in need of some comfort food, then this is a must-try!


Herb crusted roast Welsh Beef carved on a board



Herb crusted roast Welsh Beef

This recipe is perfect for any Welsh Beef joint and is simple to re-create at home. The addition of a delicious herb crust adds extra flavour, without overpowering the incredible taste of your Welsh Beef. Perfect for Sunday roasts, serve with all the trimming for maximum satisfaction.





What’s your favourite Welsh Beef recipe? We’d love to hear all about it and see your pics – simply tag @PGIWelshBeef on Instagram to share your favourite recipes.


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