Lamb Day – 1st August

Playing on the name of the ancient Lammas Day — the first harvest festival of the year — Lamb Day takes place on the 1st of August every year. It is a stake in the ground to kick start the Welsh Lamb season by feasting on the finest, freshest lamb that’s been reared on the lush, Welsh grasslands using farming methods that date back centuries.

To mark this year’s Lamb Day we will be playing a leading role in a Welsh takeover of London’s historic Borough Market, where we will not only be working with top chefs to showcase some of the endless possibilities of Welsh Lamb, but also raising awareness of other Welsh produce that complements it so well. Following this our ‘Lambassador’ Chris Roberts will be cooking up a Welsh Lamb storm using his traditional Patagonian-style asado BBQ at various locations across the UK, including BBC Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace (2 – 5 August) and The Good Life Festival at Hawarden (14 – 16 September).

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