Bump up your BBQ this summer with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef

Jul 4, 2022

Summer is here and there is nothing more appetising than the sights, sounds and aromas of good food sizzling on a BBQ – so much so, that an entire week has been dedicated in the foodie diary to celebrate this fiery form of cooking.

This year, National BBQ Week will celebrate its 26th anniversary between the 4th and 10th July, so why not join in, grab your apron, take those tongs and grill, grill, grill!

Make it worth the wait in the BB-queue…

When deciding what to grill on the BBQ, you cannot go wrong with Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. While chops and burgers are a great BBQ staple, there is always room to be more adventurous.

Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef is very versatile and it is especially delicious cooked on the BBQ. Why not give your friends and family something a bit more exciting to queue for this summer!

Get ahead of your grilling game and impress your guests with some sublime steaks and salads, brilliant burgers and creative koftas and kebabs. For some sizzling inspiration, browse our BBQ recipes (link to recipes).

Grill your way to greatness

Here are a few handy BBQ tips to have up your sleeve (or tucked in your apron!):

  • Prep it right: make sure the BBQ and grilling utensils are clean before you start to cook. Prepare / marinate food beforehand.
  • Time it right: leave the fire to burn at least 30 minutes before you start cooking. It is ready when the flames have died down and the coals are a whitish-grey with a red glow underneath.
  • Flavour boost: as well as marinating food, adding oak or hickory woodchips to the charcoal adds flavour. Herbs also work, such as sprigs of rosemary that can also double up as skewers!
  • Cook with confidence: check that meat is thoroughly cooked before serving. A meat thermometer will give you that extra reassurance.
  • Be patient with your patties: resist the urge to press down on burgers while cooking them as this will squeeze the tasty juices out, resulting in a dry burger. In addition, the fat will drip onto the coals, creating flames and ultimately burning your food.
  • Stay safe: position the BBQ away from buildings and never use fuel to light the BBQ. Stay with the BBQ when there are children present.

For more recipes and grilling tips from the experts, visit our BBQ page.

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