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Protected Geographical Indication
What is PGI? PGI is a way of recognising an area that produces quality produce, such as Welsh Lamb and Beef. Learn more about this legally protected status here:
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Farming Practices
You may know how delicious your Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef tastes, but do you know about the work that does into producing this quality? Here's how it works.
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When it comes to producing quality meat, Wales has the perfect environment. The clean air, rich grass and clean mountain streams produce excellence.
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Thanks to the PGI guidelines, you can trace your meat all the way back to the field, letting you know it was treated to high standards.
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A Farmer's Story

Hello there! My name is Myrddin Davies and I'm a North Wales farmer and an ambassador for the Welsh Lamb brand. I'm passionate about Welsh Lamb and more than happy to praise its high quality, excellent flavour and wonderful heritage to anyone who'll listen.

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