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Thursday 31st May 2018

Our Lambassador rolls up his sleeves and prepares for a busy summer


If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently appointed north Wales chef and social media sensation Chris ‘foodgasm’ Roberts as one of this year’s Lambassadors. We’ve given him the exciting task of putting his passion for PGI Welsh Lamb to use in drumming up support for this delicious meat across the UK.

Having already wowed the crowds at Caernarfon Food Festival a few weeks ago followed by the Royal Welsh Spring Festival, he’s now re-lighting the BBQ as he looks forward to a busy summer ahead showcasing the merits of one of our favourite foods.

We’ve caught up with Chris to find out what’s been going on…

“Caernarfon was just mad!” says Chris. “The weather was fantastic and there I was sizzling up my Welsh Lamb over my Argentine asado barbeque in the middle of Caernarfon Castle!

“We had over 7,000 people come through the castle gates that day, which I believe set a new record – pretty awesome.

“Cooking is what I love to do and when you have such a great ingredient as Welsh Lamb, nothing can beat it. For Caernarfon I even sourced some beautiful local oak wood for the barbecue that made the flavour even better – and I’ve gotta say it, it was lush!

“I’m honoured to be recognised as a Lambassador and I’m looking forward to showcasing Welsh Lamb and highlighting all of its many benefits over the coming months, building up to Lamb Day on 1 August which marks the start of the Welsh Lamb season.

“Lamb Day is the official start of the ‘fifth season’ when Welsh Lamb, having been matured for months and produced through traditional farming methods dating back centuries, is freely available to enjoy. Delicious.

“The weather has been pretty good in May, meaning that many, like me, have been firing up their barbecues in the hope that we have a fine summer ahead. It is a perfect meat for barbecuing as the cuts are so versatile – just don’t take my word for it, go for it yourself – I can promise you won’t be disappointed! And if you’re visiting the Royal Welsh Show in July come and say hello, you can’t miss me. I’ll be the big guy cooking… – yes, you’ve guessed it – gorgeous Welsh Lamb!”

To help get you in the mood for a summer of barbeques and tasty food, here’s a delicious Tandoori Welsh Lamb Kebabs recipe. Plus if there’s any left over or if you make extra, it makes a great lunchbox filler mixed with a tasty salad too. Enjoy!

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