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Wednesday 15th November 2017

Our 10 favourite poems from Dylan Night

On the 27th of October we celebrated the second Dylan Night — an evening of celebration for the great Welsh bard Dylan Thomas, on his birthday.

We asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to share their poems, writing in the style of Thomas, about their love of Welsh Lamb.

Carol was our winner on Twitter, we loved the rhymes and how she managed to get so much across in just 140 characters!

Carol Patrick‏ @Quackerjill Oct 27

Reared on pastures fresh & green

Welsh Lamb's so nourishing & lean

Stew, cutlet or Sunday roast

A dish my family loves the most #DylanNight

Geoffroy was our Facebook winner. He went over the 140 characters, but we had to give him the prize for the story he wove.

Geoffroy Thomas Oct 27

Mam, sweat on brow, smile on face; Bringing to the table the lamb, with grace. "I've made some mint sauce, to put on the side","The lamb is Welsh, the best", says she, with pride. We sit and eat the lamb prepared, Savouring the taste and the love that is shared. More than a meal, a spiritual mass; Connected to Welsh soil, Welsh land, Welsh grass.

There were so many more fantastic entries that we thought we’d take the chance to shine the spotlight on some more!

Ann-Marie entered several times, but this was our favourite.

Ann-Marie‏ @Waff2404 Oct 27

@WelshLamb_PGI #DylanNight

Poetry has a certain allure

But when I want to impress

I have to confess

Welsh Lamb is a hit

With every guest.

Maria’s entry included some Welsh for a clever rhyme.

Maria Sharon Gill‏ @mariasgill27 Oct 27

How I might on #DylanNight, feast on Welsh Lamb with my lover true,

and later that eve, when you take your leave, remember me and Cig oen Cymru...

Clearly there are clear plates in Hazel’s household when Welsh Lamb is served!

Hazel Rea‏ @beachrambler Oct 27


Welsh lamb raised with care, Your flavour is never beaten,

Loved by everyone, Every tiny morsel is eaten. #DylanNight

Susan meanwhile captured the greatness of both Thomas’ poetry and flavour of Welsh Lamb.

Susan Casanove‏ @SueCasanove Oct 27


Music to my ears, a Dylan Thomas poem

But - no disrespect to him

What I truly savour

Is the Welsh lamb flavour. #DylanNight

Bringing the Welsh landscape to life is a nice touch.

Kathryn Casbolt‏ @kathrynann1 Oct 27

Lush green pasture, pure Welsh air

Welsh lamb is raised with care

Nutritious, tasty and succulent, my money is always well spent #DylanNight

This entry really matched the style of a famous Dylan Thomas poem!

Marie G‏ @mari_gold07 Oct 27

Rage rage against the burning of the lamb

But if you do just mask it with a little dram! #DylanNight

Shelley managed to capture what makes Welsh Lamb special.

Shelley Bruce‏ @BabesShelley Oct 27

#DylanNight Lush, green fields, rich in grass, is home to the sheep who eat, grow and live a natural life, the taste of quality on my knife.

This final poem is all about the anticipation as Welsh Lamb is readying in the oven.

Josephine Jones Oct 27

#DylanNight A leg of Welsh Lamb upon a sprig of rosemary lies,

delicately surrounded with a layer of silver

The tantalising aroma from the oven rises

With the mint sauce placed upon the table.

So begins the mouthwatering anticipation.

Thanks again to all our entrants!

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