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Friday 18th August 2017

Make it flame for the Big Baa-BQ

Big Baa-BQ

With Llamb’s Day (1st August) kicking off the Welsh Lamb season, now is the time to bring out the barbie and enjoy some perfectly seasonal recipes in the outdoors.

As we’re encouraging everyone to get involved in a Big Baa-BQ, we decided to ask the UK public about their barbie-confidence. And there is some good news — a fifth of us are now bolder on the barbecue than five years ago, with a third marinating their meat more often in 2017.

However, whilst we are becoming more adventurous with our barbecues, we also admit we still need a helping hand as nearly a fifth (18%) agree they could improve their BBQ if they gave it more planning and nearly half (48%) of us agree that a good marinade can really make a BBQ.

And despite our more adventurous ambitions, the vast majority of British barbecues still feature the standard beef burgers and sausages. Lamb features less frequently, with 24% typically including kebabs on their grill, 18% cooking lamb burgers and 16% using other lamb cuts. The research also found that two in five (39%) of us would still like to BBQ more, and over a quarter (26%) feel we need to improve our grill skills.

With the majority of us spending less than an hour preparing or marinating meat, we are encouraging you to treat your Welsh Lamb better as the quality taste deserves the best.

Over one in ten of us also admit they have burnt meat due to ‘overindulging’, confirming the appropriate care and attention is not always taken. Perhaps those 10% need to look into investing in a breathalysing ‘Promillegrillen’!

All of this news suggests that our Big Baa-BQ, encouraging people to put more effort into their barbies and to include some seasonal Welsh Lamb, couldn’t come at a better time.

For inspiration on how you can get great at grilling, visit our recipes page where we have a range of marinades and recipes perfect for the barbecue.

If you want to take your barbecuing to the next level with a top of the range barbecue you are in luck as we are giving away two Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal BBQs on our social pages — @WelshLamb_PGI and

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