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Thursday 3rd December 2015

Make Christmas Unique with Welsh Lamb

Christmas dinner isn't all about the turkey; if you’re bored of the bird, find some delicious alternatives with our Welsh Lamb Christmas recipes, and make Christmas unique for your friends and family. We promise it will be a Christmas dinner to remember!

Christmas Carvery leg of Welsh Lamb with Winter spice and pears

A traditional leg joint is the perfect dish for your Christmas dinner. It doesn't get much more festive than this pear, cinnamon and cider mix. Serve your succulent lamb in thick slices with pears, festive roasties and vegetables of your choice. Keep your bows on the joint to make for a festive centrepiece and hear your guests gasp as you lay this joint out for carving.

Roasted Welsh Lamb racks with Christmas pudding crust of almonds, cranberries and lemon

This Christmas creation will be like nothing you’ve ever served before! The Christmas pudding crust of almonds, cranberries and lemon offers impressive taste as well as aesthetics, with it crumbling in the mouth of your guests - we’ll let you decide who has the extra fallen crust! Serve with your favourite festive trimmings. We recommend: steamed brussel sprouts, roasted mini potatoes baked in their skins with rosemary, and braised red cabbage with red onions, apples and mulled wine.

If you’re lucky enough to have any of these delicious cutlets left at the end of dinner, you can serve them cold with your favourite chutney and a wonderful winter coleslaw of red cabbage, apples, red onion and a dollop of garlic mayo. Perfect!

Christmas Welsh Lamb Wellington

If you really want to wow your guests and tantalise their taste buds, Christmas Welsh Lamb Wellington is the perfect Christmas dinner for you. Filled with a pate of mushrooms, chestnuts, garlic and cranberries, this pastry covered Welsh Lamb is bursting with flavour that will have you thinking about that first bite for the rest of the year! Bake until golden brown and serve with home made Port sauce, created with the leftover juices from the Lamb and redcurrant jelly. This recipe calls for seasonal steamed vegetables, or our personal favourite, red cabbage braised with apples and red wine.

Welsh Lamb Curry with Christmas spices and mango

Once your meal is over, the tasty and satisfying food doesn't have to stop! Just like you might be used to a turkey curry with Christmas leftovers - this Welsh Lamb curry with Christmas spices and mango is perfect to eat on boxing day or over the Christmas break. Your tender lamb is perfect with the thick sauce, and fresh mangos are added last to sweeten the dish. Serve with poppadoms and scatter with red onion and coriander.

For further festive inspiration take a look at our Christmas with Welsh Lamb pinterest board and keep us updated on your Christmas creations using the hashtag #LloveLlamb. We can’t wait! 

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