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Wednesday 4th September 2019

Influential foodies enjoy the delights of the Gower

In preparation for Lamb Day 2019 we invited the great and the good of the foodie blogger world to the Gower peninsula to experience an action packed day which showcased the provenance and heritage of Welsh Lamb.

The visit started with a trip to Hugh Phillips Gower Butchers, who gave a masterclass in all things lamb butchery, explaining the qualities of the different cuts of the animal and how there’s a lot more waiting to be explored than just the leg.

Next up was a visit to the Gower Salt Marsh Lamb farm to experience first-hand the unique habitat of the salt marshes of the area and provide an insight into the love and dedication required to nurture the animals, and how their surrounding environment has such a big impact on the taste of the meat.

Finally, the breath-taking setting of the Beach House restaurant in Oxwich Bay was the scene for a cooking demonstration and dinner with award-winning chef, Hywel Griffith. The Beach House sources all of its lamb from the Gower Salt Marsh Lamb farm so provided our visitors with a genuine field to fork experience, with the range of dishes not only tickling the taste buds of our culinary experts but also showcasing its incredible versatility.

“What next?” we hear you ask? Having been inspired by their trip to the Welsh countryside, our foodie Lambassadors have been busily conjuring up a series of show-stopping dishes of their own. You can find out what delights they’ve created by following our social media channels or signing up to the Welsh Lamb Family newsletter here. But in the meantime, here are a few that have already been released:

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