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Monday 4th January 2016

January detox: healthy Welsh Lamb recipes

We all over-indulged over the festive season and it’s time for a little detox. So let’s not wallow in it, and let’s get back to healthy eating with these nutrient- packed (and delicious!) Welsh Lamb recipes...

Welsh Lamb is a good source of high quality protein, zinc and iron - all essential parts of a balanced diet. And protein is especially important as part of a weight loss diet as it speeds recovery after exercise, curbs hunger and reduces muscle loss.

Click the links for the full recipes!

Hot Welsh Lamb Superfood Salad

Superfood salad.jpg

Quinoa, beetroot, mango, pomegranate and lean Welsh Lamb steaks make up this rainbow of a dish, amongst many other delicious ingredients. Simply boil up the Quinoa, pan fry thin strips of Welsh Lamb and toss with all the yummy superfoods. Click the link for the full recipe.

Fruity Welsh Lamb Stir fry

Fruity Welsh Lamb stir fry.jpg

Packed full of green veg like pak choi, mangetout, broccoli and bound together with fruit smoothie, this fruity Welsh Lamb stir fry comes in at a mere 285 calories. Perfect to whip up in minutes without sacrificing on taste and healthiness unlike many other fast food options.

Welsh Lamb Kebabs with pineapple, soy and chilli served with noodle and spring veg salad


Coming in at a lean 300 calories, this fruity, immune system-boosting dish is packed full of protein and fruity goodness - perfect for staving off those January bugs and viruses. Serve with noodle and spring vegetable (peas, sugar snaps, asparagus) salad. (Fresh pineapple can also be cubed and grilled - tastes delicious!)

Warm Welsh Lamb salad with a warm fruity dressing

WARM AUTUMN WELSH LAMB SALAD 2-p1a1dqico08e1t061jiahh5ul6.jpg

With a warm fruit smoothie dressing, plums, walnuts and chunks of goats cheese, this warm Welsh Lamb salad is not only delicious but nutritious, too.

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