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Wednesday 28th September 2016

Eat seasonally with Welsh Lamb

Every good chef knows that the key to creating delicious tasting dishes is to use only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. Right now is peak season for Welsh Lamb, with it being at its best from August through to November.

Keep it fresh by buying Welsh Lamb now and pairing with other seasonal ingredients to guarantee a delicious dish. Here are some tasty recipes to try out tonight using our favourite seasonal ingredients.

1. Slow cooked Welsh Lamb shoulder with sloe gin, plums, ginger and star anise

SLOE COOKED LAMB resized.jpg

Plums are at their juicy best around September and add a great fruity flavour to this recipe. With a splash of sloe gin and damson wine, this dish is guaranteed to keep you warm as the temperatures start to fall. Of course the best thing about this recipe is you can throw all the ingredients into one large pot and just leave to cook slowly.

2. Welsh Lamb, apple and rosemary tarte tatin

Welsh Lamb, Apple and Rosemary tarte tatin.jpg

Apples are just right in autumn and this simple dish is great for combining their sweet crisp flavour with succulent Welsh Lamb. Place the lamb cutlets, onion, sugar, apple and rosemary on a baking tray first and whack in the oven. After 10 minutes, carefully place the pastry over the top and leave for a further 20 mins. Take out, flip and voilà! The perfect tarte, with the sugar should having given it a delicious caramelised topping.

3. Welsh Lamb and pumpkin pie

Welsh Lamb _ Pumpkin Pie with Pine Nuts _ Sultanas.jpg

With Halloween fast approaching it’s about to become peak time for pumpkins again. Good for more than just carving, pumpkin's flesh is packed with vitamins and fibre and you can even save the seeds for roasting. Try this easy pie recipe to make the most of the whole pumpkin, adding in some pine nuts for crunch and sultanas for sweetness to make the perfect flavour combination.

4. Whole leg of Welsh Lamb with rosemary and pears in pear cider

Whole Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Pears in a Pear Cider.jpg

Pull out all the stops with this Welsh Lamb leg recipe with rosemary and pears. Slice up potatoes, pears and rosemary and toss in the bottom of a roasting dish, and carefully place the joint on top. Serve up with some seasonal veg such as courgettes and cabbage for a crowd pleasing Sunday roast.

5. Welsh Lamb leg steaks with Autumn chutney

Welsh Lamb Leg Steaks with Autumn Chutney.jpg

This Autumn chutney combines some great in-season fruits such as apples and plums to create a sweet accompaniment to your perfectly done steaks. Serve with buttery juices and seasonal veg for a simple but effective dish.

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