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Wednesday 4th November 2015

Bonfire Barbecue: Top Tips for Hosting the Perfect Autumn BBQ

Whilst the weather might be getting worse, don’t let the cold drive you inside with these top tips for hosting the perfect bonfire night barbecue. Grab the blankets and cosy up outside for the ultimate bonfire night, and enjoy the fireworks with good company, great food and plenty of warming drinks.

  1. 1. Sticky Barbecued Meat

Get your barbecue off to a sticky start with some lovely Welsh Lamb Chops and Sticky Barbecue Sauce. Add apple and mango juice to give an extra fruity flavour and cook until the chops are sticky and golden. Served with jacket potato or corn on the cob, these chops are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

2. Warming Drinks

Image credit to Sandra McGrew

Whilst it might not be time for mulled wine just yet, how about this great mulled cider recipe to warm you up from the inside? Make the mixture in a fireproof pan and heat up over the hot coals. The cider base can be prepared and refrigerated up to two days ahead, just add the rum for an extra kick when you’re ready to heat.

3. Sparklers


Image credit to Katherine Krause

No bonfire night celebration is complete without a sparkler to help you light up the night. Stock up on sparklers and have a go at spelling out your name next to the fire. Don’t forget to have a bucket of water handy to put them out when you’re done!

4. Winter Blankets


Image credit to Brenda Garner

The key to an autumn barbecue is keeping cosy beside the fire, so don’t forget layers of warm winter blankets to keep the cold at bay. Grab a blanket each and tuck up outside to ensure you can stay out all night.

5. Barbecued Burgers


Finally, no barbecue would be complete without a tasty burger to keep everyone happy. Why not try this quick and easy Welsh Lamb Burger recipe? A simple but delicious classic. Keep things warm by serving with hot coleslaw, flavoured with a pinch of dry cinnamon for a seasonal twist.


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