Llamb’s Day – 1st August

Llamb’s Day is celebrated on the 1st August and heralds the arrival of the first new season lamb in Wales. It coincides with Lammas Day – or Calan Awst – which is the first harvest festival of the year.

Llamb’s Day is a time of great celebration, a time to gather friends, family and neighbours and feast on the finest, freshest lamb that’s been reared on the lush, Welsh grasslands using farming methods that date back centuries.

Just as Lammas Day represents the first harvest festival of the year, Llamb’s Day is traditionally marked by roasting the first lamb of the season. Communities come together and feast outdoors. It is also said that couples that meet on Llamb’s Day are destined to marry.


Try our delicious Llamb’s Day recipe at home!


Welsh Lamb and Caerphilly cheese burgers


• 450g (1lb) Welsh Lamb mince

• 30ml (2tbsp) fresh mint, chopped

• Black pepper

• 75g (3oz) Caerphilly Cheese, crumbled

• Guacamole


1. In a bowl mix together Welsh Lamb mince, fresh mint, black pepper and Caerphilly Cheese, combine well together.

2. Shape into 6 medium sized burgers and cook under a preheated grill or BBQ for approx 12 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.

3. Serve in toasted ciabatta rolls with a dollop of pre-made guacamole, large seasonal salad and a side dish of olives.