Lamb Day – 1st August

Playing on the name of the ancient Lammas Day — the first harvest festival of the year — Lamb Day takes place on the 1st of August. It is a stake in the ground to kick start the Welsh Lamb season by feasting on the finest, freshest lamb that’s been reared on the lush, Welsh grasslands using farming methods that date back centuries.

In 2016, Welsh Lamb celebrated the inaugural Lamb Day by cooking lamb out on the hills of North Wales. Last years’ Lamb Day added glamour, throwing an upscale dinner event in one of the top new up and coming restaurants in London.

The event also celebrated the fine art of barbecuing by asking everyone to get out their grill over the Lamb Day period for a ‘Big Baa-BQ’. To help people get into the spirit, we gave away top of the range barbecues as prizes and surveyed the UK population to find out about our barbecuing habits.

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