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An experienced butcher can often tell the breed, age and sex of an animal just by the colour of its fat. The colour will also depend on what the animal ate during its life. For example, the fat in grass-fed beef may look more yellow than the fat in barley-fed beef, which is usually white. But this doesn't affect the eating quality you'll be pleased to learn. What is important is that the fat is firm and dry.
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Meat Colour
It's a common misconception that the redder the meat the better it is. All a bright red colour really indicates is that the meat has been recently cut. About 20 minutes after cutting the red pigment in meat gradually turns brown naturally. So meat displayed in butchers shops and supermarkets can vary from bright red to reddish-brown, but this won't affect the eating quality.
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How to Butterfly a Leg of Welsh Lamb
Are you struggling to butterfly your leg of lamb? Sometimes all you need is a little bit of professional guidance. Here's Eat Welsh Lamb's guide.
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